Self Love February!

Happy February!

This month we’re focusing completely on self love!  We want to tell those critical thoughts to take a hike, focus our energy on how wonderful we all are, and make sure we make time for ourselves.

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Also if you’re in Los Angeles, Anna is doing a workshop on the 16th of February on this very subject.  For more info click here!

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Friday Dare: Take Steps Towards Your Resolutions!

Happy Friday!! I’m so excited to be going to a Business for Yoga Teachers Retreat in Santa Monica this weekend!  This retreat is going to be a HUGE way for me to launch myself forward towards my resolutions, so I thought it would be a perfect weekend for us all to work on our resolutions together!  If you read yesterday’s post, maybe you already started thinking about what you’ve let slip through the cracks or maybe not committed to as much as you wanted to, but let’s use this weekend to re-focus and take action!

So plan to set aside time, get creative, focus inward, push your perceived boundaries, and make some bold moves towards your goals!  You’ve been focused on discipline this whole month, so use that to fuel some big, fun, and wonderful changes.  Tell us what you did and how it g...

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How Are Your Goals Coming Along?

artwork by artsyville... check them out online!

Earlier in the week, we looked at the softer side of Tapas.  Now it’s time to check in and see how disciplined we’ve been all month.  We still have a few more days to make some serious movement towards those goals!  So look back at what you’ve accomplished so far this month and what goals have you let go to the wayside?

My biggest goals were to start the year eating healthy as you may remember with the nutrition post I wrote earlier, and that has been going well but not perfectly.  I have lost about 8 pounds, which I am both surprised and excited about, but I have cheated a little bit here and thereThe cheats I did were great learning experiences for me.  I learned that sometimes giving yourself a little latitude is okay, but a lot of times it’s much more rewarding to stick to wha...

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Wordless Wednesday: Using Tapas to Turn Inward

We found this on Pinterest with no credit!  Know whose this is? Let us know!

We found this on Pinterest with no credit! Know whose this is? Let us know!

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The Softer Side of Tapas

Let Go

We’ve been diving deeper and deeper into tapas in my classes this month, and as we discuss the importance of discipline in our lives I’ve fallen a little bit in live with tapas.  Not only is it the way we all accomplish our biggest and most vivid dreams, but it’s a way for us to be gentle with ourselves as well.

I always looked at tapas as a way to challenge myself and force myself into doing things that I really didn’t want to do, but I’ve realized that the times in my life when I really needed quiet alone time or needed to hold back from doing my regular yoga or exercise, were the times that required the most discipline.  And when we actually use our intense determination to say no to something, we open ourselves up to a world of positive results; a quieter mind, more energy, avoided i...

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